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Chief's Message

Millis Police Department

2017 Annual Report


           In 2017, the Millis Police Department continued to strive for excellence, and to serve our community in a professional manner.  The members of the Millis Police Department, both sworn and civilian, demonstrated a tenacious dedication to our mission and commitment to the community.  Although we faced formidable challenges, we answered more calls for service, took more reports, and made more arrests than in 2016.        


            Internally, the department has experienced numerous changes as well. We welcomed Officer Afienko and Officer Gray to the department.  Both officers are a welcome addition to our proactive and community oriented department.  Officer Bickford transitioned to the School Resource Officer position.  His positive impact to all the schools was felt immediately amongst all the faculty and students.  Both officers are a welcome addition to our proactive and community oriented department.  In December Deputy Chief Dwyer retired from the Millis Police Department.  We wish Deputy Dwyer the very best with their future endeavors. 

            In addition to the retirement of Deputy Dwyer this past year, there have been significant changes in the command staff.  Detective Tiberi, Officer Shearns, and Officer Volpicelli were all promoted to the rank of Sergeant. These changes will make a significant impact on the way our department functions daily.  We take great pride in being transparent and accessible to the community.  We have continued to run several programs this past year for the residents of Millis.  We continued our Toy Drive, in cooperation with the Millis Fire Department for families in Millis.  In addition, we continued to conduct “Town Hall” style meetings to address the questions and concerns within the community.  We have developed partnerships with the Millis Public Schools, Millis Senior Center, Millis American Legion, Millis Public Library, and the residents of Millis.  This year we implemented the Millis Police Leadership Academy which was a huge success.  It is a free week-long summer camp open to Millis students grades 6-8.  The students learn about team building, and law enforcement.  We are very excited to continue to build on those partnerships, as well as develop new programs for the residents of Millis. 


            As a profession, policing as a whole is on the verge of significant change.  We are constantly looking at how we can better prepare and train our officers.  We have been actively reviewing our policies and procedures, to provide the Millis community with the best services possible.  We are actively working with our community to build and strengthen the relationships that will ensure we are a reflection of this community. 


The Communications Officers continue to serve as the vital link between the community and the sworn members of the department. The dispatch center was responsible for handling 12,658 calls for service in 2017.  In addition to those calls for service, the dispatch center responded to thousands of other walk in requests from citizens.

Call Types.jpg

Every year police departments across the commonwealth face new challenges, for 2017 those challenges were diverse, and brought out the very best of our police department.  The level of support displayed by the citizens of Millis towards their police department is best described as outstanding. I could not be prouder of the members of the department for the manner in which they conduct business on a daily basis.


While all of us appreciate the relative safety of Millis, the reality of the world today brings with it societal challenges that need to be faced. We must be prepared to respond to those challenges in a manner that respects and ensures the rights of our free society while protecting us from those who would do harm.



Chief Christopher J. Soffayer

Sgt. Kristopher Maxant     Sgt. Nicholas Meleski     Sgt. Corey Volpicelli

Sgt. John Shearns     Det/Sgt. Domenic Tiberi


Ptl. Peter Opanasets     Ptl. Paul Adams           Ptl. Paul Smith

                                                                  Ptl. Paul Adams            Det. Dale Bickford       Ptl. Sean Nelson

                                                                  Ptl. Craig Thompson     Ptl. Jason Gonzalez      Ptl. Robert Afienko

                                                                  Ptl. Farrah Gray

Permanent-Intermittent Officers

Ptl. James Lopez

Ptl. Paul Kearns


Communications Officers

Robin Cahill

Paul Kearns

Kevin Conley

John McLaughlin

Paul Curtain

Claudia Rhodas

Crossing Guards

Peter Falzone

Claire Gorman

Joanne Monroe

Robin Pitman


Department Assistant

Tracy Leavitt




Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher J. Soffayer

Chief of Police

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