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The earliest records of a Police Department for the town of Millis are from 1925, when ARTHUR SCHOALS was hired to come to Millis. Prior to that time, the town was protected by Constables. Also around that time the Police Department was housed in the Niagra Hall fire station on Exchange Street.

In the past 80 years, the department has seen some important advancements in the area of communications. Prior to the radio system that all are familiar with, the Millis Police Department had a light down in the square ( currently the intersection of Main Street and Exchange St.) If the telephone operator/dispatcher needed an officer for a call, she would throw a switch in the station that would light the light. When an officer happened to drive by the square and see the light on, he would know that an officer was needed. He would then either go to the station, or call by telephone, to find out what was needed. Officers were expected to check the light once every half hour.


In 1960, the fiftieth anniversary of the Town of Millis, the Police Department consisted of four officers, Chief Horace Balkam and three full time officers: Robert Brodeur, Henry Cassidy, and Donald Ingraham. In 1961, George J. Smith Jr was hired as the town's fourth patrolman. Upon Chief Balkam's retirement in 1967, Smith was appointed as the Police Chief. Frank S. Newell was appointed as the town's first Sergeant that same year. In 1974, William Carlson became the force's first full time detective.


At the time of the town's Centennial celebration in 1985, the Millis Police Department

had grown to a force of thirteen officers, plus the Chief, Albert J. Baima. As it has

been since the beginning, the department was and continues to be supported

faithfully by a number of part time officers to supplement the full time patrolmen.


The Millis Police Department currently has a staff of ten patrol officers, one detective,

and three Sergeants. We are supported by a staff of four full time Dispatchers and

four permanent intermittent (part time) officers. The Department has a total of

six marked cruisers, two unmarked vehicles, a Harley Davidson police Motorcycle,

and a D.A.R.E. truck.  For a department of our size, we have had more than our

share of tragedy. In 1978, Officer Thomas Collins died in the line of duty in an

automobile crash. In 1983, Chief George Smith died of a heart attack while attending

a conference. In 1995, Officer Kevin Fortier was killed at the age of 36 in an automobile accident (off duty) in neighboring Medway.


**If you have any additional information you would like to see added to this section, please forward it to us via email, or contact the Chief at 508-376-5112 or click here to send email.




Keith F.Edison

Chief of Police


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